Mad Match combines strategy, memory, and cut-throat game play in a fun and exciting new card matching game from the creator of Mad Science The Card Game.

It’s easy to learn and loads of fun to play!

It’s just another day at the Annual Mad Scientist Convention when Dr. Emil Knutberger shows up… AGAIN!  

He’s seeking revenge for being thrown out of the convention – just like last year- and this time he has unleashed a ton of dangerous monsters – in triplicate! Round up as many of his dastardly creations as you can before they destroy the city.

You’ll learn to play Mad Match in 5 minutes, but you’ll spend years mastering its subtleties.

The basic set includes 54 cards with hilarious and quirky art right out of the Mad Science The Card Game Universe and is perfect for two players. Pull a few cards out of the deck and you can play a classic matching game with children of all ages, or get addicted to our unique Mad Match solitaire variation.

We also have two expansion sets, More Madness and 3 on 3. They offer:

  • Extended play time
  • Up to 4 players
  • Game deck customization
  • 3 on 3 introduces a new gameplay mechanic