Mad Match was launched with the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign. Our supporters received an exclusive Action card called Hive Mine. It is easiest to set up Mad Match in rows of nine cards. Our expansions are 18 cards each, allowing for easy inclusion (just two more rows of nine cards added to the setup with each expansion).

Hive Mine presents a setup issue. It is fine to add Hive Mine to your deck without any other expansions. But it will be more difficult to set up a rectangle playing space. You could certainly do five rows of 11 (or 11 rows of five). But you can also set your cards up in a non-rectangular shape. For example, you could do six rows of eight and one row of seven. Really, any combination you want. In some cases, a non-conventional layout might make it harder or easier to remember certain Monster locations.

The important takeaway point is that you can do pretty much whatever you want. Mad Match provides a framework, but once you’ve got the basics down, feel free to have fun with the format. Just make sure all players know the rules, and are comfortable with any modifications. And then have a ton of fun!

Of course, you can also just swap Hive Mine in for one of your least favorite action cards and keep the 6 by 9 setup format. Player’s choice!