3 On 3 Expansion Instructions are also available to download as a pdf.

It’s just another day at the Annual Mad Scientist Convention when Dr. Emil Knutberger shows up and CHANGES THE RULES!

Once again he’s seeking revenge for being thrown out of the convention and having his membership revoked. This time he’s unleashing a lot more monsters with all new behaviors. Round up as many monsters as you can before these crazy creatures destroy the city!

The 3 On 3 Expansion set makes your favorite strategic card matching game more fun and exciting. Longer game play, more players, more monsters, and an exciting new strategic game mechanic!


Collect more monsters than your opponents – by any means necessary.


More Madness is an 18 card expansion (1 Action / 17 Monster cards) for use with the basic Mad Match deck.



Players take turns trying to match monsters. Pairs, triplets, or quads (4) of monsters are captured by players and will be scored when the playing area is cleared. The 3 On 3 Expansion gives you more potential matches, new and improved scoring, longer play time, and new strategic options

Using the Expansion:

Add the entire expansion set (18 cards) to the basic Mad Match deck (54 cards) for enhanced game play. The additional cards will extend game time, keep play interesting for more players, increase difficulty, and enhance strategic opportunities.

It’s Up To You

As an alternative, you may choose to only add certain cards, or substitute certain monster sets. Feel free to play your own variation of Mad Match with as few or as many Monster or Action cards as you like, in any combination. You may also wish to remove the extra (fourth) cards from the 3 On 3 Expansion (Blamchovy and Pigzooka) and play standard Mad Match, without Quads (explained below).


Shuffle the complete deck, including expansion cards, and then deal them in a grid of eight rows of nine cards, all face down.

How to Play:

3 On 3 adds Quads to standard Mad Match play.


The 3 On 3 Expansion adds the concept of quads to monster collection and scoring. Quads are four-monsters-of-a-kind collected over the course of multiple turns, similar to a spare in standard Mad Match play. There are two Quad Monsters in the 3 On 3 Expansion: Pigzooka and Blamchovy.

Super Quad!

It is possible to collect a quad in one turn if one of the four was frozen in place by a prior Action card. This is called a Super Quad, and is immediately protected from opponent Action cards. Cards in a Super Quad cannot be stolen or destroyed. The Super Quad should be placed face down until scoring, when bonus points will be awarded.


Standard scoring rules should be followed except in the case of cards with the Quad Scoring Matrix. The Quad Scoring Matrix only appears on Quad cards (meaning there are four-of-a-kind in the deck).


quad: The Quad icon is added to the scoring matrix on Quad cards, to the left of the standard score boxes. If all four Pigzookas are collected by a single player over multiple turns, the Quad box score of 6 is multiplied by the four cards for a total of 24 points.

Super Quad Bonus

In the case of a Super Quad (all four-monsters-of-a-kind are collected in a single turn when one was frozen in a prior turn), a bonus of the Quad box score is added. You are essentially multiplying the Quad score by five. In other words, if a Pigzooka Super Quad is collected with a Quad box score of 6, the total score for the Super Quad would be 30 points.

Note: You can also use the More Madness Expansion in combination with 3 On 3 and the standard Mad Match cards for a deck with a total of 96 cards. Just add two more rows of nine cards to your setup.

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