More Madness Expansion Instructions are also available to download as a pdf.

It’s just another day at the Annual Mad Scientist Convention when Dr. Emil Knutberger shows up with EVEN MORE MONSTERS!

Once again he’s seeking revenge for being thrown out of the convention and having his membership revoked. This time he’s unleashing a whole lot more dangerous monsters. Round up as many monsters as you can before these crazy creatures destroy the city!

The More Madness Expansion set makes your favorite strategic card matching game more fun and exciting. Longer game play, more players, and more monsters!


Collect more monsters than your opponents – by any means necessary.


More Madness is an 18 card expansion (15 Monster / 3 Action cards) for use with the basic Mad Match deck.



Players take turns trying to match monsters. Pairs or triplets of monsters are captured by players and will be scored when the playing area is cleared. The More Madness Expansion gives you more potential matches, higher potential scores, longer play time, and a better gaming experience for more players.

Using the Expansion:

Add the entire expansion set (18 cards) to the basic Mad Match deck (54 cards) for enhanced game play. The additional cards will extend game time, keep play interesting for more players, increase difficulty, and enhance strategic opportunities.

It’s Up To You

As an alternative, you may choose to only add certain cards, or substitute certain monster sets. Feel free to play your own variation of Mad Match with as few or as many Monster or Action cards as you like, in any combination.


Shuffle the complete deck, including expansion cards, and then deal them in a grid of eight rows of nine cards, all face down.

How to Play:

You know this, right? Rules with the More Madness Expansion are the same as regular Mad Match.